Our mission is to help our customers maximize their money....

Whether you're new to investing or a seasoned pro, Whales fX services does what is right for you and your money. On average, our investing principles can increase returns by 11-17% depending on the investment package you choose.

You pay one low, annual fee. Worried about hidden costs? Nowhere to be found. No matter who you are, you get everything for one low, transparent fee of 0.25% (4X lower than what you'd typically pay for advice).


Fast Transactions

Withdrawals takes less than 2 minutes.

Processing Fees

you get everything for one low, transparent fee of 0.25%.

No Boundaries

Whales FX Services accepts users from all over the world. .

Customer Privacy

There is no need to collect private information from our customers to accept payment if using bitcoin.


Get the returns you deserve. Our approach to long-term investing can help you earn 11-15% more per month, depending on the plan you choose. Our technology helps make this possible by lowering taxes, lowering fees, diversifying your portfolio, and enabling better investor behavior.


Our technology helps you get the returns you deserve, and our licensed experts are here to talk if you need them. We don't get paid to sell certain funds, and we don't have funds of our own. That means we'll do what we believe is right for you.


Get a clear view of your net worth by syncing your outside accounts, such as bank accounts and other investments. You can also see how much your outside accounts are costing you in fees and uninvested cash.


Invest in a portfolio built on Nobel Prize-winning research. Our investment philosophy is backed by decades of research that comes to an important conclusion: Over the long term, a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds is likely to outperform a high-cost, actively managed portfolio.


Your happiness is our priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your account, we will do everything we can to make it right, up to and including waiving Whales FX Service management fees for 90 days.


We work hard to make whales FX Services a secure place to grow your money.



Respect for your personal data and information. We protect the privacy of your information and will never share your data with any third party without your permission. For more information.


Fraud Protection

Safeguards to protect against unauthorized activity. We are committed to protecting your account from fraud. If you see any unauthorized activity in your account, report it immediately. We'll work to recover any loss that results from unauthorized use of your account.


Data Security

Protection behind the scenes. We use strong browser encryption, store all of our data on servers in a secure facility, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data.


Advanced Login Protection

Additional features to help ensure your security. Two-Factor Authentication provides a second layer of security beyond your password to access your account. App Passwords allow you to use third-party personal finance applications, while minimizing the risk of potentially unwarranted access to your account.


Security Tips

Advice for how you can help protect yourself. We're in this together. We recommend choosing secure and unique passwords, regularly updating your devices, and never sharing your login information.

Need to report a security problem?

If you'd like to disclose a security issue affecting Whales FX Services or our customers, please email us at info@whalesfxservices.com



  • Min. Deposit : $1,500
  • Max. Deposit : $10,000
  • Weekly ROI : 11%

Reinvestment is available


  • Min. Deposit : $10,000
  • Max. Deposit : $50,000
  • Weekly ROI : 13%

Reinvestment is available


  • Min. Deposit : $50,000
  • Max. Deposit : $100,000
  • Weekly ROI : 15%

Reinvestment is available


  • Min. Deposit : $100,000
  • Max. Deposit : $500,000
  • Weekly ROI : 17%

Reinvestment is available



Whales FX Services is a comprehensive trading platform that provides its users with a wealth of alternatives. Whale FX Services now allows customers to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Forex, and a range of various digital options.

We provide a unique global perspective through our global network, in-depth market and sector knowledge. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients.


We run a 24/7 services that enables our client invest at their own time or leisure. Don’t deprive yourself of weekend earnings. Trade daily and earn more profit with lesser investment risk.


FX trading, or Forex, is an extremely popular trading market and Whales FX provides access to around 188 currency trading pairs. This allows users to trade their favourite foreign currencies with ease.


Users can also trade most of the top major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.


EFT trading is a relatively new product, and ETFs work by tracking commodities, indices and baskets of assets. These can be traded in the same way as common stocks, and traders can choose from approximately 4288 different ETFs.


Users can speculate on the price of a number of different assets, which include currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. The platform currently provides a gateway to over 10 million options.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

To withdraw funds from account, the Client shall submit a withdrawal request from his/her personal profile. In order to fill in the withdrawal request properly, the Client shall choose one of the withdrawal methods shown in the list and specify all the necessary details. After the Client submits a withdrawal request, such request will be assigned a "Requested" status. When the request is being processed, it has an "In Process" status. After the "In Process" status is assigned, the requested funds will be debited from the Client's account balance. After the withdrawal request is assigned a "Processed" status, the requested funds will be transferred to the payment system.

Withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department of the Company one-at-a-time. The processing time depends on the withdrawal method . The Company reserves the right to increase the processing time; in such case, the Company shall notify the Client via any contact method specified by the Client in his/her profile.

The Client has the right to withdraw funds only to the payment system that was used to deposit funds to his/her account. In case where it is technically impossible to withdraw funds to the payment system that was used to deposit funds, the payment method shall be chosen by the Company according to the Client's wishes. In such case, the payment details shall meet the conditions specified by the Client in his/her personal info.

The Client is fully responsible for the information he/she provides to the Company through the withdrawal request. If the Client uses crypto currencies for making deposits, withdrawals shall be made through cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals to a crypto wallet have greater priority than other types of withdrawals.

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Payment Policy

The Company is financially responsible for the Client's account balance at any moment.

The Company’s financial responsibility starts with the first record about the Client’s deposit and continues up to the full withdrawal of the funds.

The Client has the right to demand from the Company any amount of funds which is available in their account at the time of the inquiry.

The only official deposit/withdrawal methods are the methods that appear on the Company’s official Website. The Client is taking all the risks related to the use of the payment methods unless these payment methods are provided by the Company’s partners or are the Company’s responsibility. The Company isn’t responsible for any delay or cancellation of financial transactions that may be caused by the selected payment system. In case where the Client has any claims related to any of the payment systems, We advice that they immediately contact the support service of the payment system and to notify the Company of their claims.

The Company shall not be responsible for the activities of any third-party service providers that the Client may use in order to make any deposit/withdrawal. The Company’s financial responsibility for the Client’s funds starts when the funds arrive to the Company’s bank account or any other account related to the Company and this fact appears on the Payment Methods page of the Website. In case any fraud appears during the financial transaction or after it, the Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction and to freeze the Client's account.

The Company’s responsibility as to the Client’s funds ends when the funds leave the Company’s bank account or any other account related to the Company and this fact appears on the Payment Methods page of the Website.

In case of any technical errors that may appear when proce ssing the financial transaction, The company reserves every right to withold the transaction until the error has been fixed for efficient and successful transaction



Have any question?

What is Forex Trade?

Forex market (short for “foreign exchange”) is the largest and the most liquid financial market where the global currencies are traded. Forex traders purchase currencies with the intent to make money off of the difference between the buying and the selling prices.

Why choose Whales Forex?

Whale FX Services is client based. Our clients are our sole purpose of existence.
Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity in forex trade by investing as prudently as possible in various areas to gain a high rates in profit return.
We direct our skills and objectives to the demand of our clients, making sure the satisfaction of our clients are met.

Our client have never encountered issues of delayed withdrawal. Payments are made after a successful withdrawal request has been initialized.

We provide a unique global perspective through our global network, in-depth market and sector knowledge. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients.

Whales Forex ROI?

Upto 11-17% weekly return yeilding upto 44-68% monthly return depending on the chosen investment plan.

Is there an ICO?

No, Whales Forex is not running an ICO

Customer Reviews


“Their reliability is perfect. I have this strong feeling that Whales Forex is our future in forex exchange. “

Thomas G. Mark

“ Whales Forex profit returns makes me want to invest more, which is really great. “

Patricia R. Laughlin

“At first i never thought it was real so i invested a little, to my suprise i got a pay back the next day. Awesome “

Katy Milner

“I was limited by my fears in forex trade until i was convinced by one of the agents. “

Baily Mark

“Effort by the team to ensure profits is initialized is wonderful“

Christopher Maker